A Street Team to Promote your Release and more

How to Setup and Organize a Street Team to Promote Your Next Tour or Release

Music Biz Weekly Podcast

#bandsintown #musicbizweeklypodcast #musicmarketing #musicbiz #musicmarketingtips #hypebot #bandsintown #bandzoogle #discmakers #threads #threadsapp Episode 612: You have a street team or are thinking about starting a street team, we discuss a number of things you need to keep in mind when using a street team. We also discuss how street teams hav…

10 Revenue Streams every Musician needs to know about


Every musician needs to know ten essential revenue streams to maximize their income. Learn the strategies to diversify your earnings and advance your music career. by Chris Robley of Reverbnation. Continue reading The post 10 Revenue Streams every Musician needs to know about appeared first on Hypebot. …

Beyond Dropbox and Disco: How Songbox Surpasses SoundCloud and Songspace in Music Sharing

Digital Music News

If you’re using a service like Dropbox, SoundCloud, Songspace or DISCO to share audio and music files, you might want to reconsider whether that’s the best idea. The following comes from Songbox, a company DMN is partnered with. There’s a better solution that gives you much more control over how you share your music, and […]

Five YouTube Premium Features You Cannot Afford To Overlook


Premium users have been privileged with exclusive benefits and features. YouTube doubled its income by 10x with premium subscribers and advertisements. Now that Platfrom sees the benefits in these sources, it is bound to inspire more users to buy premium. Let’s find out what YouTube explores this time to encourage viewers to buy subscriptions. Y…

The Music Streaming Economy – Part 3: Amazon, Google and Apple

Music Business Research

The international music streaming market is firmly in the hands of technology companies, and it is telling that Spotify also defines itself as a technology company rather than a digital music distributor. Before Spotify entered the streaming market in 2008, the three major tech companies, Amazon, Google and Apple, competed primarily in the music …

10 Tips For Music Promotion This Summer

Cyber PR

It’s summertime once again! One of the biggest mistakes many artists make is frantically trying to amass more potential fans while not paying enough attention to the ones they already have. Followers aren’t things you collect, store away, and never tend to again. You already have fans who don’t need to be found and won over. They already support…

What exactly is a “Stream Point”?

Music Industry

Is anybody aware of the term “stream point”? I’m interested in the industry in general and I try to study the ins and outs, I’m familiar with plenty of terms and systems, but this one caught me completely off guard. I’m mainly looking for resources to study and get a better grip on this thing. Apparently IFPI uses this system where a pr…

YouTube enters music licensing talks for AI tools after Udio & Suno face lawsuits

RouteNote Blog

Last week, we saw Generative AI music startup Suno & Udio face legal action from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for copyright infringement after artists and labels decried their use of unlicensed music to train their models. Now, YouTube is looking to avoid a similar fate by offering “large sums of cash” to majo…

Member Spotlight: Join the TIDAL Rising Community


TIDAL RISING offers direct funding, editorial support, educational webinars, and marketing to help artists grow and build their careers. The post Member Spotlight: Join the TIDAL Rising Community appeared first on American Association of Independent Music. …

Spanish collecting society SGAE fined $7M for anticompetitive practices

Music Business Worldwide

Spain’s competition authority says SGAE abused its dominant market position with the use of flat-rate licensing fees Source…

US Fix The Tix coalition to hold ‘Day of Action’ on 9 July

Music Ally

The music industry-backed Fix The Tix coalition continues its push for two ticketing bills in the US: the Ticket Act and the Fans First Act. The post is from Music Ally. …