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Music Biz Member Moises Debuts AI-Powered Platform Voice Studio

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Music creation platform, Moises has launched Voice Studio, an AI-powered marketplace enabling vocalists to license and sell their own voice models to producers & content creators. The new  service will allow creators to transform their own voice into any singer featured in the platform’s library, giving producers a range of voices to implemen…

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Indie Artists Reveals How To Get To 1,000 Monthly Listeners

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HOW J.R. MCKEE INDEPENDENTLY BROKE A 32 YEAR OLD ARTIST AND GOT THEM THEIR FIRST GRAMMY: This channel is ran by the founders of ContraBrand Agency, Sean “Brandman” Taylor and Jacorey “Kohrey” Barkley. ContraBrand Agency is a music-first marketing agency that helps artists impact culture through digit…

Mike Caren joins Futureverse AI text-to-music venture JEN as a founding Partner

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… veteran of Elektra Records and Atlantic Records, he served as President, … as Creative Officer at Warner Music Group. But Caren is … 2020, when Warner’s Atlantic Records bought APG’s existing … art baselines (such as MusicLM and MusicGen) previously released by ……

Record Labels Shut Down FileWarez, Brazil’s Oldest Pirate Forum
“IFPI, the organization that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, alongside its Brazilian national group Pro-Musica …

MBW+, a new Premium offering from Music Business Worldwide, is launching on Wednesday. This code gets you 25% off your first year.

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Only MBW+ subscribers will have unlimited access to Music Business Worldwide analysis and data Source…

Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon: A Maestro in Music, Business, and Education
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Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon: A Maestro in Music, Business, and Education. Chandrika’s incredible journey began with a hunger strike in 1969 …

Are Guitars Different Sizes? All You Need To Know

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Let’s face it, guitars can be a little bit cumbersome, especially for younger children. Any common person might assume that guitars come in different sizes, but these guitars aren’t always easy to find.  Guitars do indeed come in different sizes, and this article will help you understand the variety of different offerings available. No matter… …

Spotify Is Screwing Over Small Artists AGAIN
… Music Business Worldwide (MBW) report. The reported plans will impact artists who don’t generate significant streaming numbers …

Sy Damle Strikes Again


Never have so many been fucked about by so few for so long.

Latest Music Industry Hires: Mom+Pop, Voice-Swap, PRG, More
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Here’s a roundup of recently announced music industry hires and in-house promotions as of Friday, October 27th, 2023. If you have a job shuffle to share, we’re all ears. Send us a note to If you’d like to post a job on our Job Board, just send us a request to …