Profitable Spotify campaign and more

Inside A Profitable Spotify Campaign Andrew Southworth In this video I walk you through a profitable Spotify campaign we ran using Facebook / Meta ads. 🏆 Hire us to run your campaign: 🚀 Spotify Growth Machine Course: 🌍 Best website / store / funnels for music artists: (get your 14-day FREE trial!) … Read more

UMG pulls from TikTok and more

Artists Are Now Being FORCED To GET OFF TikTok Brandman Network Want help on what your personal strategy should look like? Join our 1k Fans in 30 Days challenge. It’s ONLY $1 (for now) 👇🏽 This channel is ran by the founders of No Labels Necessary, Sean “Brandman” Taylor and Jacorey “Kohrey” Barkley. No … Read more

Roles of a Music Manager and more

From Spotify’s ‘superfan clubs’ to Apple Music’s spatial audio royalty boost… it’s MBW’s Weekly Round-Up Music Business Worldwide The five biggest stories to hit our headlines over the past seven days… Source… The New Roles of a Music Manager in 2024 | NLN#136 Ft Dame Ritter Brandman Network Use Code NOLABEL When You Sign Up … Read more

0 to 1 million streams and more

Your First 1 Million Streams in 2024 (Ultimate Guide) Andrew Southworth This is exactly how you can go from 0 to 1 million streams in 2024, with specific actions you can take and examples from my experience as a music artist. Sign up for my FREE music marketing summit here: 🚀 Spotify Growth Machine … Read more

Motivation, inspiration, and a lot of work and more

It’s A Complete Joke Ryini Music Marketing Are you set up for success? Without motivation, inspiration, and a lot of work you won’t move forward. Keep dreaming, but make sure you put in the right amount of work so you can achieve your goals. #musicproducer #beat #beats #beatsforsale #beatstars #guitarist #ryinibeats #acoustic #acousticbeat #acousticguitar #guitartypebeat … Read more

Music Distribution Checklist and more

The Complete Music Distribution Checklist ReverbNation Your track is mixed and you’re excited to distribute your new music.  But you may have some additional work ahead before your song is ready for global music distribution. A rocket needs a launchpad. Cereal needs a box. And your music needs…  … these 10 things in order to reach the … Read more

Platforms for Independent Artists and more

Best Music Platforms for Independent Artists – BOSS Magazine Independent artists have many chances to display their skills and establish profitable professions. Due to the increase of online streaming websites, musicians can now widely disseminate their music and connect with audiences they may not have imagined. Let’s explore the world of music platforms for independent … Read more

The current state of rock music in the digital age and more

‘So Many People Don’t Even Know You Put a Record Out’: Buckcherry Frontman Explains …Ultimate Guitar In a recent interview with Classic Album Review, Buckcherry’s vocalist Josh Todd gave his opinion on the current state of rock music in the digital age. Answering a question about Gene Simmons’ common saying aboutrock being dead, Todd lamented … Read more