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Algorithms Aren’t Fans…let me explain:

Music Industry

In the digital age, many artists fall into the trap of creating content primarily to please algorithms rather than their fans. While algorithms are powerful tools that can help amplify reach and target the right audiences, focusing too much on them can detract from the genuine connection that fans crave. The essence of artistry lies in authentic…

¿Cómo podemos promocionar nuestro vídeo musical?


Los videos musicales son una excelente manera de promover tu música, pero ¿cómo puedes promocionar tu video musical en primer lugar? Seamos realistas, la competencia en la industria musical es feroz y necesitas darte la mejor oportunidad de éxito. En la era de los videos virales, no es sorprendente que el contenido en video sea el tipo de con…

‘if you don’t release the music or content, it won’t attract attention’

Q Music

#artist #artistsupportpledge #artistsupportingartists #music #musicema…

Artist Spotlight: Going “All In” with Sarah Christine

DIY Musician Podcast

In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Jack talks with artist, Sarah Christine, about a life-changing accident that set her on the path of going all in on her music. Since then she quit her job, cashed out her 401K, doubled down on music, and is now moving to L.A. Jack and Sarah also chat about the making of her new album Hotel Earth which m…

$2 Billion a Year — That’s How Much Streaming Fraud Costs the Music Industry, According to Beatdapp

Digital Music News

Beatdapp partners with Beatport to combat streaming fraud, which they report has been costing the music industry a whopping $2 billion a year. Beatdapp Software Inc., a leader in fraud detection, has joined forces with Beatport, the music store centered around DJs, producers, and their fans, to ensure the authenticity of every stream on the […]

This is HUGE: Spotify Countdown Pages Coming THIS MONTH

Andrew Southworth

Spotify Countdown Pages are coming July 24th, 2024! Artists with over 5,000 active listeners per month will get access. Read more here: 🚀 Spotify Growth Machine Course: 🏆 Hire us to run your ads: 🌍 Best website / store / funnels for musi…

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Do artists have it easier than ever today?

Brandman Network

Do artists have it easier these days? @kohreydasavior @onemoretimecast EP161 #nolabelsnecessary…

Los secretos del networking en la música

Seed Academy

Aprende music business, lanza tu carrera, y convierte tu pasión por la música en una fuente de ingresos: 📗 Apuntes y Recursos 📗 📚 Aprende la fórmula para vivir de la música a tiempo completo: Nuestra misión en Seed es ayudarte a vivir de la música a tiempo completo. 📱 Conecta con Seed: https:/…

US Copyright Office clarifies ‘termination rights’ royalty rule

Music Ally

The language in the latest announcement by the US Copyright Office is necessarily dry, but the decision being announced is very significant. The post is from Music Ally. …

How to release a single: getting your first songs out there


A well-planned single release can open up a world of opportunities for your music career. We’ve outlined the steps for your new release.

How To Use Your Summer Wisely as an Artist


Most, if not all, artists have fallen victim to the self-imposed missing of plans due to a need to feel productive. It only gets worse during the summer. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, your friends are meeting up for an afternoon in the park and you’re dying to go, but there’s a little voice inside your head telling you to stay home beca…

Social Media Tuneup: New And Improved For You

Cyber PR

I have a little ebook that many artists who buy it love…  Social Media Tuneup. I’ve had a deep love-hate relationship with the fact that I was an early pied piper leading artists to social media. Only to discover years later how detrimental it is to our collective mental health. That being said, social platforms are still powerful places to pro…

With Advancements in Technology, is AI Really a Threat to Human Composers?
I Care If You Listen

The music world is changing. AI is here, and it’s powerful. With the rapid evolution of AI music generators like Udio, Suno, and Stable Audio that enable users to compose music based on text prompts or input parameters, the question on everyone’s mind is: will AI ultimately replace human composers..?

@CopyrightOffice leaves one question unanswered: Does “Interest” include “capital gains”?


The Copyright Office clarifies that post-termination royalties go to terminating songwriters and heirs (thank you MAC and SONA). Including “interest”–but leaves unanswered what happens with the MLC’s investment policy capital gains (or losses). That can can’t get kicked down the road any longer as the new rule takes effect in August. …

Spotify launches comment section for podcasts to increase engagement between creators and fans

RouteNote Blog

The new comments feature marks a milestone in Spotify’s ongoing effort to enhance its platform and keep its users engaged. You can find the comment section by scrolling past the play controls or navigating to the episode page while listening. All comments will be private initially and creators will have complete control over which comment…

Musician Laufey on being true to yourself in your creative work
The Creative Independent
Musician Laufey discusses the magic of orchestras, growing up in a culture that fosters artistic growth …

Grow Your Music Career with Effective Spotify Playlist Promotion Services
Your Digital Wall

Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform on the internet which has millions of listeners that use the platform primarily to listen to their favorite music tracks. Spotify is also a primary platform where listeners get introduced to new music that is ruling the charts…

‘Artists are the victims’ – How scammers are stealing billions from music industry


Fraudsters are using click farms and AI music to make ‘significant’ sums of money off streaming giants like Spotify.

Newstalk Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly said the scam is becoming more and more common …

Music Tectonics launches 2024 Music Tech Startup Competition


Applications are now open for the 2024 Music Tectonics Startup Pitch Competition. This multifaceted event empowers startups to gain exposure and get feedback from investors and industry experts. The post Music Tectonics launches 2024 Music Tech Startup Competition appeared first on Hypebot. …

In our vinyl era? Physical music sales continue to grow


Streaming remains king for new music revenues, but physical music formats continue to grow.

A new report shows Americans are continuing to invest in more tangible ways to listen to their favorite tunes…