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Mechanical Royalties – how to make more from your streams

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In a nutshell, mechanical royalties are generated whenever a composition is reproduced in some form. Mechanical royalties originally came from the physical reproduction of original music. If a label wanted to print Vinyl for one of their artists – the songwriters and composers needed to be compensated for the reproduction of their work. T…

Clive Fisher, former Universal Music EVP, dies aged 71; Sir Lucian Grainge leads tributes to exec ‘who loved people’

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Fisher spent 33 years in total at Universal Music UK, before continuing to contribute as an adviser to key execs Source…

Enter Shikari to give welcome address at Music Venue Trust’s Venues Day 2023

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… announced as guest speakers at Music Venue Trust’s annual Venues … experiences of the GMV [grassroots music venue] sector’. “In such a … Whitrick, Chief Operating Officer at Music Venue Trust. “We are thrilled … …

How Ai is disrupting the music industry

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“Ownership rights over the creation of a melody is a very BIG component to the music business,” the author of Music at the Speed of AI explains.

Digital Music Distribution Service Booming Unveiling High-Growth Sectors 2023

… The extent and overview of the various commercial opportunities throughout the ensuing years are shown in the global “Digital Music Distribution Service Market” research report, together with the optimistic revenue projections…

33 Best Songs About Blue Eyes

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Blue is a color symbolic of many things, from sadness to serenity. So, it’s no wonder many artists record songs about blue eyes that resonate with their fans. We compiled some of our favorites, regardless of genre, that we recommend adding to your music library. “Hey Blue Eyes” by Bruce Springsteen Song year: 2014 First… The post 33 Best Songs …

Algo-RHYTHM: The effect of AI on the music industry
TheGrio – Algo-RHYTHM: The effect of AI on the music industry. A song featuring AI-generated vocals from Drake and The Weeknd being recently submitted for Grammy consideration is just the latest example of how much AI has infiltrated the music business over the last few years.

Up.Trumpet Discusses New Song, Career Beginnings, and More

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How to Recognize Chords Faster


Being able to recognize chords, tonalities and intervals quickly can help improve your ability to perform, improvise, write and arrange music. The post How to Recognize Chords Faster appeared first on Flypaper. …

REWIND: New music industry’s week in review
Last week was a busy week by any definition and the music industry was no exception, with gangs using Spotify to launder money …

Nearly half of working UK musicians earn less than £14,000, new census finds


Musicians’ Census of nearly 6,000 professionals shows many rely on multiple jobs, with notable pay inequalities around disability and race A pioneering census of nearly 6,000 working musicians in the UK has found that nearly half earn less than £14,000 a year from their craft. The first Musicians’ Census, a project it is hoped to repeat every thre…

Chooky Inu Set to Redefine Music Industry with September 12, 2023 Launch
TechBullion – In stark contrast to the conventional music industry’s status quo, which allocates a mere 10% of revenues to artists, Chooky Inu is dedicated to …

The music industry is full of repetitive sounds —WHIZZBEAT
Tribune Online – New to the music industry, record producer, music director, and professional drummer, Olowojare Uche Daniel, aka Whizzbeat in this interview by ADERONKE ADESANYA speaks about his journey into the industry Excerpts…

Connie Talbot Releases Haunting Ballad ‘Just A Broken Heart’ on ‘Growing Pains’ EP


Connie Talbot has recently released the haunting ballad “Just A Broken Heart,” featured on her four-song EP, “Growing Pains.” “I may have a broken heart, Yet it tirelessly persists, Beating in the shadows, Solely for me, myself, and I.” As you can tell, the song carries a dark and haunting tone. All in all, it resonates like a classic ballad. …

The Influence of Gaming on the Music Industry
Game Is Hard – The video game industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with millions of people around the world immersing themselves in virtual worlds and engaging in epic adventures… …This rise of video game soundtracks in popular culture has had a profound influence on the music industry as a whole. Gone are the days when video …

The Unbreakable Spirit of the Music Industry: A Tale of Outstanding Resilience
Vigour Times – This article is about the music industry’s new model for streaming and its impact on Universal Music Group. Lucian Grainge, the CEO of Universal Music Group, sent out his annual New Year’s memo to the staff in early January.

RACHAEL SAGE “No Regrets” Video Premiere – with Web-Exclusive Interview


       15th Album Transcends Alternative-Pop Singer-Songwriter’s Artistic Borders   High cheekbones, brunette tresses adorned with flowers, and an inviting smile suggestive of a kindred artistic spirit, Rachael Sage could be the cool aunt direct from central casting. Boots, jeans, fringes, vibrant colorful dangling accessories and gui…

How Blockchain Can Rewrite the Music Industry’s Script – In the year 1999, the music industry encountered a drastic change triggered by the arrival of Napster. This digital disruptor completely transformed how music reached audiences through peer-to-peer sharing of digital files…