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Where are songwriters posting new material online?

Music Industry

Is it mainly Instagram and TikTok where new talent is discovered? Does that mean I have to make videos for everything now, Lol? previously it was Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Now it seems like no one uses SoundCloud (app is so crappy) and when people ask if my stuff is on Spotify I say no, because no real new musician is ever discovered on Spotify (th…

Spike Polite & Sewage Release Uncompromising Punk Not Dead Vinyl with Solid Bass Records

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Spike Polite & Sewage Release Uncompromising Punk Not Dead Vinyl with Solid Bass Records Unapologetic, grassroots and punk for the sake of punk band Spike Polite & Sewage are about to drop their first release since the head-crashing Pandemonium EP, and as usual, it pulls no punches. Aptly named the Punk Not Dead EP, this raucous upcoming piece fro…

Five numbers that will define the music industry in 2024

Fast Company
The music industry had an eventful 12 months. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé undertook massive tours that broke records and brought people to movie theaters. Vinyl was the most popular physical medium in the U.S. for the first time since the Reagan administration…

Navigating Music Industry As Independent Artiste

The Guardian Nigeria
Personal branding, distribution, promotion, engagement with fans, patience and consistency have been identified as tools independent artistes require to navigate the music industry. This was part of the discussion by stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry …

South Korean Music Industry

Outlook India

A new law has been passed to help young trainees preparing to be K-Pop idols and those who decide to stop training by the Government. 14 January 2024.

15 Best Music Producers of All Time
Music producers are the unsung architects behind the sonic landscapes that shape our musical experiences. Tasked with translating artistic vision into a polished auditory masterpiece, these creative maestros play a pivotal role in the recording process…

‘Drake is pop to me’, Mos Def claims rapper’s music is not real hip-hop

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… Def) slams Drake, calling his music ‘;pop’ During his … length about Drake’s music not qualifying as hip-hop. … like a lot of his music is compatible with shopping. Or … to call Drake’s music “likeable” as he gave a … …

Girly Pop 2024 : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here]


ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST Step into the future of pop with “Girly Pop” – your go-to destination for the latest and greatest in bubbly, vibrant tunes!         The post Girly Pop 2024 : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here] appeared first on – Record Label & Music Platform. …