Music creation with AI vocals and more

Virtual Insanity: The Dawn of the AI Vocalists | Dreamtonics


LIVE from Toronto, CANADA at Long & McQuade Bloor, June 6 at 6 PM EDT: Invade and elevate your music creation and mixing with AI vocals. Have you heard about how AI is revolutionizing the music industry? Dreamtonics is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence to create and mix music and audio in innovative ways. Through advanced algorit…

Which countries should you target with ads for Spotify?

Tom DuPree III

Where we choose to advertise makes a significant difference in the performance of our ads. Whenever you’re ready, there are four ways I can help you: ​Subscribe to the newsletter​ 👉🏻 Join our growing network of artists, creators, and entrepreneurs by receiving The One Thing directly to your inbox every …

Twitch strikes music licensing deals for livestreamed DJ sets

Music Ally

Today is a big day for Twitch: the Amazon-owned video platform is announcing music licensing deals with all three major labels plus Merlin. The post is from Music Ally. …

With the Live Music Fund Off the Ground, Commission Brainstorms More Marketing Initiatives
The Austin Chronicle

With applications for the 2024 Austin Live Music Fund open to the public until June 18, the Music Commission spent this month’s meeting brainstorming other ways to support local musicians.

On Monday night, Secretary Scott Strickland and songwriter Chris Hawkes presented an idea for what they were tentatively calling a Local Entertainment Promotion Fund…

A2IM Announces Beatdapp as Official Trust & Safety Partner


The partnership will mark a new chapter for A2IM as it joins Beatdapp in the shared goal of combating bad actors in the streaming space and ensuring the interests of independent rights holders are front and center in this battle. The post A2IM Announces Beatdapp as Official Trust & Safety Partner appeared first on American Association of Ind…

How does computer science improve music?

Computer science has revolutionized numerous industries, and the music industry is no exception. By harnessing the power of technology and incorporating it into different aspects of music creation, production, and distribution …

Small, independent record labels in Aus

Music Industry

This is a long shot but thought I’d post here anyway. For a bit of background, I’ve just recently taken on my mates PA work for her music stuff. She is quite a prominent musician in the city we live in but is constantly hustling to grow and expand. As of right now, she is completely independent – releasing all her stuff through GYROstream and bet…

What Are The Most Manipulated Songs of 2024?

Digital Music News

Hundreds of modified audio tracks are uploaded to social media each day. Pitch shifting, speed up, slow down, and more are popular methods of track modification. But what are the most manipulated songs of 2024? Social media trends drive the creation of modified audio tracks, especially on TikTok. Some of these trends like ‘nightcore’ create […]