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The Complete Music Distribution Checklist


Your track is mixed and you’re excited to distribute your new music.  But you may have some additional work ahead before your song is ready for global music distribution. A rocket needs a launchpad. Cereal needs a box. And your music needs…  … these 10 things in order to reach the ears of listeners around the world: Be…

SoundCloud Plays Buy: Boost Your Music Career


SoundCloud, the digital haven for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists, has revolutionized the way we discover and share music. In the vast ocean of tracks, getting noticed is no small feat. One strategy that often comes into play for artists is the decision to soundcloud …

12 Month Release Strategy For Music Artists

Cracka Lack – Music Marketing

Musicians On Call Announces New Music Industry Advisory Board


Musicians On Call (MOC), the nonprofit that brings music to the bedsides of patients, families and caregivers in healthcare environments, has announced the inaugural members of its new national Music Industry Advisory Board. The group will serve as ambassadors for MOC’s mission while gaining a deeper understanding of philanthropy and how nonpro…

Spotify lays off 17% of staff: ‘Not a step back; it’s a strategic reorientation’ –

Music Ally
Music Ally understands that today’s layoffs are spread across the company rather than focused on particular divisions. In a financial filing, Spotify …

Hal Leonard Combines with Muse Group, Uniting Two Music-Content Leaders


Hal Leonard, the legendary sheet music and educational publisher, joins digital leader Muse Group, in a partnership set to revolutionize access to popular music and creator tools for musicians worldwide. As makers of the world’s most popular online libraries, tools, and community spaces for audio creators — including MuseScore, Ultimate Guita…

Music Biz Member Spotify Partners With Google To Enhance AI Capabilities

News Archive – Music Business Association

Music streaming service, Spotify has partnered with Google to expand its AI content recommendation capabilities. Per the partnership, Spotify will utilize Google’s AI offerings to improve the platform’s content discovery, personalized recommendations and ability to analyze listening habits across spoken word content. The agreement will also exten…

Selected Comments on the Copyright Office Proposed Rule on Termination Rights and MLC Operations: North Music Group


This comment to the Copyright Office from Abby North of North Music Group raises important issues including whether the MLC should have the ability to create disputes on its own, what happens to samples, interpolations and medleys, and the need for substantial consultations by the Copyright Office with rights holders large and small.

Spotify lays off 17% of staff: ‘Not a step back; it’s a strategic reorientation’

Music Ally
Spotify has announced its third round of layoffs of 2023, and these ones are the biggest yet. The company is laying off around 17% of its staff, with CEO Daniel Ek confirming the figure in a memo to employees

Gap to be maintained between Bandcamp release and other streaming platforms release?

Music Industry

Hello guys, hope you are doing well. I was just thinking of releasing my music to Bandcamp because I have been uploading music for almost 2 years on streaming platforms and I have got no money out of it. I have recently discovered Bandcamp and already made a page. But I was thinking that after releasing there if I could release on other streaming…

New and emerging technology in the music industry — | by Brenna | Dec, 2023


New and emerging technology in the music industry.

The music industry has faced a lot of changes in technology. With the arrival of phonographs, CDs and the brute force that followed the mainstreaming of the internet in the 1990s. Blockchain technology has emerged with the potential to reshape the music industry …

Women in the music industry have been subtly exposing illicit behavior from older men
The Arbiter | Boise State
Heartbreak songs are arguably the backbone of the music industry. Celine Dion sings about love and loss in the infamous “My Heart Will Go On” and …

‘I’ve been sacked for asking for time off to tour’: the perils of being a musician with a second job


Thanks to streaming, Brexit and Covid, it’s never been harder to make ends meet as a musician. Three acts with second jobs discuss juggling stadium tours with shelf-stacking The first Musicians’ Census recently found that almost half of working UK musicians earn less than £14K a year from music. It’s fine for the lucky handful making millions, suc…

Veteran Record Promoter Brad LeBeau Has Survived the Fall of The American Music Business and Thrived

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… far more — the independent dance music marketing company PRO MOTION has … on to run Atlantic and Virgin Records.   BL: We all go back … have it. That’s the musical fabric of my youth.”  I … the head of promotion for Virgin Records. “Brad, we just signed Depeche … …

Eric Schmidt Spills on his “Bait” to UK Prime Minister


There are a lot of moves being made in the US, UK and Europe right now that will affect copyright policy for at least a generation. Google’s past chair Eric Schmidt has been working behind the scenes for the last two years at least to establish US artificial intelligence policy. Those efforts produced the “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and…

Music industry can better impact economy — Wesrok

Jamaica Observer

As he watched the Country Music Awards (CMA) at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 8, Wesrok also noticed the massive contribution of that genre to the city’s economy…

The most creative person in music business on what to expect in 2024

Fast Company
Nathan Hubbard has always been on the leading edge of figuring out how to leverage new technologies and music industry ecosystem shifts to turbocharge …

Mr Frosh laments tribalism in music industry

Punch Newspapers

An up-and-coming artiste, Bright Wokurum, aka Mr Frosh, has said that regardless of where one is from or what language one speaks, one should be given equal opportunities with other artistes.

He told Sunday Scoop, “Ethnicity and tribalism are the major challenges in the industry. I feel everyone should be given equal opportunities and privileges …

Music creation company Muse Group acquires sheet music publisher Hal Leonard, with backing from private equity firm Francisco Partners

Music Business Worldwide

Francisco Partners acquired a majority stake in Kobalt Music Group in 2022 Source…

Grammy Museum Chief Accepts Music Education, Advocacy Leadership Award

“Our music education programs are possible because we have access to some of the greatest leaders, teachers, and professionals in the music industry.

37 Easy Pop Songs On Guitar [With Tabs]

Music Industry How To

Pop music can be an ideal reservoir of songs to draw from when you’re looking to build your repertoire. The biggest reason for this is that pop music is incredibly familiar, largely due to mainstream media and commercial success. After all, pop music consists of the sounds and styles that happen to be popular at… The post 37 Easy Pop Songs On G…