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Robert Anderson Releases The Definitive Music Industry Guide For Producers
Muzique Magazine
Robert just released his newest book on amazon ‘The Music Producers Handbook: Navigating The Music Industry” this is an a to z guide one …

I Asked ChatGPT To Help Me Promote A Single!

All About Helping Podcast – Music Marketing

— CHAT GPT PROMPTS — Content Composer for Headlines: Content Composer for Captions: —- NEED A CONTENT PLAN FOR YOUR FIRST 100K SPOTIFY STRE

AI This Week: One of the Music Industry’s Biggest Labels is Suing Anthropic

Music Industry News

… . Case in point: Universal Music Group, one of the music industry’s most … …

Retail investors can now bet on music royalties: ‘We want people to have access’
Yahoo Finance

There’s a new way to make money in the music industry — and it involves betting on your favorite songs.

Earlier this month, investing platform Public offered retail investors the opportunity to own a piece of the rights to the “Shrek” soundtrack

LaRussell EXPOSES The Music Industry: Artists Are The Last To Get Paid

Brandman Network

Exposing the Lies Keeping You From Monetizing Your Fanbase: 0:00 Intro Truth #1: 0:52 Truth #2: 4:00 Truth #3: 5:35 Truth #4: 11:44 This channel is ran by the founders of ContraBrand Agency, Sean “Brandman” Taylor and Jacorey “Kohrey” Barkley. ContraBrand Agency is a music-first marketing ag…

YouTube working on an AI music tool that’ll let you use the voices of famous musicians

YouTube is apparently working on a new AI tool that could give content creators the ability to produce songs using the voices of famous singers and musicians.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the platform has approached several record labels with this technology with negotiations still ongoing…

AI Art in the Music Industry: A Look into NFT and AI
Vents Magazine

The mesmerizing fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with the enchanting tapestry of music has unfurled a breathtaking vista within the realm of the music industry … Within this uncharted territory, technology gracefully pirouettes beyond conventional confines, orchestrating symphonies of sonic …

Music Industry Initiatives
Creative BC
The Music Industry Initiatives program supports initiatives that grow and develop British Columbia’s music ecosystem.

Exclusive: Vince Gill and ERNEST Talk Opry Magic, Songwriting
American Songwriter
Exclusive: Vince Gill and ERNEST Unveil Opry Magic, Share Songwriting Tips, and Dive Deep into Country Music [Video].

Will Mr. Davies Get a Dog?


Graham Davies recently left the Ivors Academy in the UK to take over the Digital Media Association in the US.  I don’t know Mr. Davies and maybe if I did I’d understand the attraction to the life styles of the fully vested.   But I don’t.  At all.  You could not find two more completely opposite worlds.  Ivors is steeped in  the constant stru…

Charted: 50 Years of Music Industry Revenues, by Format
Visual Capitalist
The music industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in formats. See how its revenues have evolved, from vinyl and CDs to streaming.

Apple Music Unveils ‘Higher Royalty Value’ for Spatial Audio Tracks
Digital Music News

It turns out Deezer’s not alone in dramatically retooling its royalty framework, as Apple Music is now contacting uploaders about “a higher royalty value” for works available in spatial audio…

Howard University, Tennessee State named among world’s top music business schools |
Florida Courier

Howard University, the renowned historically Black college in Northwest, D.C., and Tennessee State University find themselves in esteemed company alongside institutions such as the Abbey Road Institute in London, the Berklee College…