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Digital Domination: Mastering Online Music Promotion in the Streaming Era
Digital Journal

Music promotion has evolved markedly in recent years, taking a revolutionary turn in a world driven by streaming platforms and digital channels.

Gone are the days of relying solely on physical distribution to get music into listeners’ ears; now, online avenues dominate the scene, creating endless possibilities and reaching wider audiences faster…

The Best Fan Community Tool For Musicians?

Andrew Southworth

Sign up for Rivet and get 50% off forever: – the best fan community tool for musicians. 🚀 Spotify Growth Machine Course: 🏆 Hire us to run your ads: 🌍 Best website / store / funnels for music artists: (get your 14-day FREE…

9 Critical Music Publicity Tips You Should Know


You have your music, your vision, and you are eager to make that first move in the world of Music Publicity. Congratulations! But before I jump into what you’re here for, the nine critical things you should know about Music Publicity, we need to be sure that you’re ready to begin a relationship with the media. It’s not a matter of feeling ready, …

MTV Music Awards called off due to “volatility of world events” as Israel-Hamas conflict continues

Music Industry News

This year’s MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony have been called … an annual celebration of global music. As we watch the devastating ……

Music Marketer Reveals How He Breaks Artists EVERY YEAR (Social Media Ads Strategy) | NLN#104

Brandman Network

Exposing the Lies Keeping You From Monetizing Your Fanbase: JensTheGuru: This channel is ran by the founders of ContraBrand Agency, Sean “Brandman” Taylor and Jacorey “Kohrey” Barkley. ContraBrand Agency is a music-first marketing agency…

Want Free Music Distribution & Promotion? Here’s How
Film Daily

Want Free Music Distribution & Promotion? As an aspiring musician, you’re always looking for ways to share your music with the world and grow your fanbase. Did you know that free music distribution and promotion are now more accessible than ever? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to navigate the world of affordable and effective music distribution and promotion.

A Complete Glossary of Music Marketing Terms

Whether you’re a independent musician, publicist, or just a curious fan, these music marketing terms are good to have under your belt so you can better understand the inner workings of the industry…

Empower Fund: MADverse Initiates nationwide call for Artists to Support Independent Musicians
Passionate In Marketing

The Tech-Driven Music Platform will offer a Total Prize Fund of 1.5 Lakh INR to Recognize and Support Exceptional Talent in Independent Music Industry…

The Rise, Risks and Rewards of NFTs in the Music Industry
Rolling Stone

The music industry in the U.S. has changed significantly in recent years. The market’s total revenue, encompassing recording, live and publishing segments, is estimated at $20 billion. As of 2022, streaming is the dominant music consumption medium, accounting for 84% of U.S. music industry revenues…

Music Biz Member UMPG Launches Subscription-Based Music Service For Content Creators

News Archive – Music Business Association

Universal Music Publishing Group has launched Universal Music for Creators, a new subscription-based service offering influencers and online talent pre-cleared music for their content. Starting at $5.99 a month, users of the service will gain access to a library of 50,000 songs and 200,000 sound effects. The platform also provides subscribers wit…

Understanding Music Distribution: A Comprehensive Guide for Musicians –
Vents Magazine

In today’s digital age, music distribution is a vital tool for musicians to reach their audience and create global recognition for their music. As a musician, comprehending the concept of music distribution is vital … Traditional music distribution used to involve production and shipping of physical formats like CD’s, cassette tapes, and vinyl records. However, with …

How to cross the barrier from session singer to Artist releasing music/EP’s?

Music Industry

I’m a singer and I songwrite, I also tinker around with loops and mixing on my own – like bedroom artist sort of thing. Thing is, I’m also a professional voice actor with an agent and because I sing I’ve done some “session singing” at studios in my city. I see the engineers I know posting about working with so and so on their upcoming EP, how do I…

NSAI Holds ‘Conversation With Songwriters’ On Capitol Hill


Pictured (L-R): NSAI COO Jennifer Turnbow, Chairman Steil, Parker Welling, Bart Herbison, Jamie Moore and Ranking Member Morelle On Wednesday (Oct. 18) in Washington, D.C., Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) treated the U.S. House Administration Committee with “Conversation With Songwriters.” The first-of-its-kind meeting f…

iPalpiti Will Present “Solidarity With Israel” Benefit Concert


iPalpiti, which has supported over 400 extraordinary young musicians in 53 countries, will present a benefit concert, “Solidarity with Israel,” on October 26th at 8p.m. at the Dina & Fred Leeds Garden Amphitheater in Bel Air, California. Address will be provided with RSVP. For all iPalpiti information, including an upcoming February concert …

TikTok Music just launched publicly in Australia, Singapore and Mexico… without Universal Music’s catalog

Music Business Worldwide

Universal’s recorded music catalog remains available on TikTok Music in Brazil and Indonesia Source…

TikTok Investor Sequoia is Subject of Bipartisan Congressional Inquiry


It was only a matter of time. According to a press release, Congress is investigating Silicon Valley’s uber venture capital fund Sequoia Capital because Sequoia’s “investments in [People’s Republic of China] entities have included certain investments that contributed to the [Chinese Communist Party’s] human rights abuses, the PRC’s military mo…

Spotify’s ex-chief economist has concerns over audiobooks

RouteNote Blog

Earlier this month, Spotify announced that free audiobooks are coming to Premium listeners. Those on individual Premium subscriptions will now gain access to 15 hours of free listening every month. Premium listeners in the UK and Australia now have access to their 15 free hours of audiobooks which refreshes each month. Listeners in the U…

How To Sing Like Ariana Grande

Music Industry How To

Ariana Grande is considered the modern-day Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Celine Dion, by many. As an artist, her angelic voice contrasts with her explicit, hypersexual lyrics, typical of the modern empowered woman in music. But there is no denying that this cultural icon is a skilled singer. And if you’ve had thoughts of learning… The post …

Nashville music industry says proposed AI rules can be strengthened

The music industry admits the rapid rise of artificial intelligence has them scared for their future.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting legislation that aims to rein in this emerging technology, but the Nashville music industry says it can go even further.

Introducing ‘Jules’: A Rising Singer-Songwriter’s New Song ‘Steering Wheel’ – Perfect for Coffee Shop Dreamers


Watch out for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Julia, also known as ‘Jules,‘ who has just released her new song ‘steering wheel.’ Fans of soft indie folk and singer-songwriters will enjoy it, as well as those who are sitting in a coffee shop, imagining their next big dream. The Jake Feeney produced track could find a home on several Spotify p…

Beyoncé’s ex-manager fights ejection from his music royalties fund


Merck Mercuriadis promised to turn songs into gold on launching Hipgnosis. Now, a review could see him ousted The music mogul who acquired the back catalogues of stars from Beyoncé to Red Hot Chili Peppers and vowed to turn song royalties into an investment as dependable as gold faces eviction from his own company in a boardroom coup. Merck Mercur…

Student-run record label looks to demystify the music industry
Western Gazette

Many talented artists often struggle to pursue music as a career, in part due to the lack of industry-related support for students. Meet Mistapes Records, a place where education meets the real-world challenges of the music business…

Getting Started with LANDR Mastering Plugin #musicproduction #musicproducer


Get the perfect master right in your DAW with the unparalleled AI-powered LANDR Mastering Plugin. Analyzing your track’s distinct sound in real time, this mastering VST delivers standout masters while allowing enhanced control over the final output. With LANDR Mastering plugin, you can make revisions to your mix as needed, and use the quick AI a…

MADverse launches Empower Fund to support independent artists across India

MADverse, a tech-driven music platform announced an event for musicians across India. Starting on October 15th, 2023, this event is a rallying call to independent artists nationwide, introducing the MADVerse Empower Fund …

Tune Up: Shaping the Future of Music Business
News Ghana
… Music Business Workshop.” Scheduled to take place in Kumasi, Ghana, from October 23rd to October 29th, 2023, “Tune Up” is not just an event but a …


Celebrity musicians bring dance anthems, hip hop, southern rock and Latin jazz to The Wintrust Magnificent Mile Lights Festival parade and attendees are invited to join a new world record attempt for the largest gathering of holiday sweaters at a parade…

Music Business 101: 10 Terms New Artists Need to Know
If you’ve established that the music business is as important as the music creation, it’s high time you knew some terms and their meanings.

SongCast New Music – Week of October 23, 2023

SongCast Music Distribution Blog

Welcome to the SongCast New Music Showcase!  Every week, we give you a sampling of new music that we have added to our distribution network.  Follow us on Spotify for weekly playlists of the best new indie music from around the world! Click here for this week’s New Music Playlist! Check out this YouTube promo video for a teaser  Continue Reading …

Billboard Names Loyola One of Top Music Business Schools
OffBeat Magazine

Billboard has once again named Loyola as one of the top music business schools in the world, taking its place among some of the finest collegiate music programs for the third year running.

Billboard named Loyola to its annual list of Top Music Business schools for 2023 in its October 7 issue…

Music Industry Records 9.3% Mid-Year Revenues as Alternative Investment Platforms like …

Over the last twenty-five years, the music industry has experienced its fair share of highs and lows. After piracy and unbundling drove 15 years of revenue decline, the global industry has returned to growth, with major cash infusions from financial giants and industry-shifting tech disruptions…

The 10 best ways for DIY artists to save money on music tours


In this guest blog post from Artist Growth, they go over the best ways DIY artists can save money on tour.