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SoundCloud Is Changing The Game??


These playlists give artists a chance to shine, will we see a trend towards SoundCloud? #omarimc #soundcloud #boostplaylist #artist #musicbusiness #shorts…

‘Success With Music’ FREE online conference is this Friday – Monday!


This weekend, May 17 – 20, our friends at Modern Musician are hosting the free virtual Success With Music conference, which will feature some of the top music industry experts in the world…… The post ‘Success With Music’ FREE online conference is this Friday – Monday! appeared first on Hypebot. …

What is the easiest way to promote Spotify music?


With a music streaming service like Spotify, you have millions and millions of listeners and potential fans at your fingertips and you need to make the most of it. So you’ve taken the leap and uploaded your music to the platform, but it’s not doing as well as you’d hoped and now you want to know how to get more streams. You’ve come to the rig…

Navigating the Digital Age: How Artistes Can Thrive in the TikTok Era | Ghana Music
Ghana Music

Uncover the strategies artistes can use to cut through the noise and connect with audiences worldwide…

When I use Meta’s Advantage ad options (and when I don’t)

Tom DuPree III

Meta is constantly introducing new updates to its ad platform that are designed to make our lives easier. Whenever you’re ready, there are four ways I can help you: ​Subscribe to the newsletter​ 👉🏻 Join our growing network of artists, creators, and entrepreneurs by receiving The One Thing directly to yo…

So You Want To Win a GRAMMY?

DIY Musician

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before an independent artist is nominated for a GRAMMY. This year, CD Baby musician and composer Carla Patullo won the “Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album” award for “So She Howls” with Tonality and the Scorchio Quartet, and her journey was no exception. We’re so proud of her accomplishment! We caught u…

Brazilian artists are exploding thanks to Spotify

RouteNote Blog

Raphael Nogueira Brazil is being swept up in a musical streaming revolution that is seeing Latin American music make waves around the world. At the start of the year, Spotify revealed that over 20% of their subscribers were Latin American and the local music is having an influence all over the world. Spotify has a huge …

All the glow up posts tell you that you’re not good enough.

Music Marketing Tips – Amber Horsburgh

Sony Music Getting Tough With Ai Music Companies

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog

Ai has taken the music world by storm, for better or worse, and even though record labels like the idea of virtual artists that they don’t have to pay, they’re not crazy about Ai music companies using their song catalogs to train on. Sony Music has made a move that some thought was inevitable by […] The post Sony Music Getting Tough With Ai Music…

The music industry – from vinyl to AI, native plants and invasive species


AI is disrupting the industry, musicians are making less for their art thanks to streaming services.

Steve Albini and The Problem With Royalty Base Record Deals

Music Business Worldwide

The following op/ed comes from UK-based Hunter Giles, who co-founded and leads Infinite Catalog Source…

Are there any books that you would recommend from independent record label owners who started out in the last 10 years?

Music Industry

Are there any books that you would recommend from independent record label owners who bootstrapped their company, and who started out on a shoestring budget – within the last 10 years? I feel as if there are very few success stories in the modern age, and that there’s no real money can be made within the music industry anymore. Of course, I am ha…

ChatGPT can write music: Is AI the last hope for songwriters?

Music Business Worldwide

MBW Views is a series of exclusive op/eds from eminent music industry people… with something to say. The following op/ed comes from Ran Geffen Levy Source…

Mission Bay High School’s Music Business Work-Study Program gives students real-life experiences
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Internationally-renowned jazz musicians Peter Sprague and Leonard Patton