Spotify and their algorithm and more

Do THIS and Spotify Can’t Ignore Your Music


Some artists struggle to ever get their music noticed by Spotify and their algorithm. In this video we cover tips on how to expose your music to Spotify and start gaining more streams from music fans….

Suno, the AI company facing a copyright suit from recording companies, has released a mobile app

Music Business Worldwide

iOS users in the US will now be able to create songs in seconds on their mobile device Source…

going to a celebrity party…. alone as a hot woman?

Music Industry

let me know your thoughts. I got invited to one, and my career is going well. is that going to look very bad? should i just try to get someone I don’t know very well? I am just new to the area and don’t know as many people and am sort of upset with people I know bc I recently posted about some discrimination stuff in the entertainment industry an…

Latest Music Industry Hires: Hipgnosis, Merlin, BSI Merch, AMPAL, Bravado, More

Digital Music News

Here’s a recap of recent music industry hires and in-house promotions as of July 2nd, 2024. If you have a job shuffle to share, we’re all ears. Send us a note to If you’d like to post a job on our Job Board, just send us a request to And, keep track of all the […]

Record companies tell MBW: Nope, the industry isn’t losing paying subscribers in Sweden

Music Business Worldwide

Record companies left bemused by YouGov findings, as MBW reveals their internal data in key market Source…

What is the real cost of creating music?


Daniel Ek’s side hustle as a lightning-rod seems to be going very well. Last year he shook the music industry with three big changes to Spotify’s royalty payments, effectively demonetizing tracks with less than 1000 streams per year… … and the internet went nuts. Then he compared aspiring musicians to amateur footballers. And the internet…

Get to Know: Frank Turner – First Song | The Orchard #shorts

The Orchard

Get to Know Frank Turner and the first song he ever wrote! #shorts #music…

3 Strategies that turn Superfans into Super Marketers [YouTube Culture & Trends Report]


According to the new YouTube Culture & Trends Report, 89% of Gen Z describe themselves as fans of someone or something. In comparison, 65% consider themselves “video content creators,” and 80% say they consume content about their favorites at least once a week. The post 3 Strategies that turn Superfans into Super Marketers [YouTube Culture & Tre…

Glastonbury Festival 2024: Indie music gets a nostalgic revival


You never forget your first Glastonbury.

The artists you see there live in your memory forever, often providing nostalgic comfort in later life…

Rusty Golden, Songwriter & Son Of Oak Ridge Boys Member William Lee Golden, Passes


Rusty Golden, award-winning songwriter and musician and son of The Oak Ridge Boys member […] The post Rusty Golden, Songwriter & Son Of Oak Ridge Boys Member William Lee Golden, Passes appeared first on …

An unequal music – Opinion News

The Financial Express

The world of music streaming has been hit with a cacophonous legal battle, as Suni and Udio, two popular music streaming services, face a lawsuit for …

VNYLab Deepens The Connection Between Music Artists And Their Fans With …

VNYLab, the emerging music platform designed to bring artists and their fans closer together, has deepened their technology “bench” with the addition of key tech and music industry experts …

SoundCloud’s 6 new features for artists & listeners

RouteNote Blog

SoundCloud updates bring new paths for artists to get discovered and new ways for listeners to hear their songs.

SoundCloud have treated us to a bunch of exciting news for their platform in the last month. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a thing…

Rick Beato on why music is getting worse

Why Evolution Is True

Here we have three videos by music expert Rick Beato explaining why rock/pop music (the distinction isn’t quite clear to me) has gone badly …

Exploring a Journey to Success in the Music Industry

We Had Fun and Nobody Died: Adventures of a Milwaukee Music Promoter by Peter Jest and Amy Waldman is a book that dives into the music industry from a promoter’s perspective…

AI Briefing: The music industry raises the decibel for the fight over generative AI


There’s growing dissonance between Big Tech and Big Music.

As AI giants and startups roll out new features for AI-generated music, record labels are taking their fight to court with two new lawsuits over copyrighted content…