Streaming’s problems will not be fixed by royalties alone and more

Streaming’s problems will not be fixed by royalties alone

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UMG and Deezer’s artist-centric royalty proposal got the amount of attention both parties probably wanted, if not necessarily the type of attention they were after. However, the intent was to kick start an industry debate, and that objective was clearly achieved. Yet, while the discussion has understandably focused on royalties (as, after all, it…

Sam Holt Band Raise Funds for Mickey Houser Pre-Amp Music Program in Athens

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… concerts to honor the life, music, and spirit of Michael … an interest and passion for music. The program introduces elementary … school students to instruments and music lessons and focuses on … to nurture the emotional and musical development of young kids at ……

Music Biz Member Concord Announces Intent To Buy Round Hill Music Royalty Fund

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Independent music company, Concord has agreed to acquire the share capital of Round HIll Music Royalty Fund Ltd, with the fund’s collection of music rights estimated at $469 million. If approved, Concord will obtain the rights to the fund’s 51 catalogs and 150,000 songs by artists including Alice in Chains, Bonnie Tyler, Bush, Bruno Mars, Celion …

Is “If I Fell” The Beatles’ Hippest Pre-Revolver Tune?


What’s going on in this subtly sophisticated pop hit? Turns out… a lot! Let’s break down this romantic ballad off of “A Hard Day’s Night.” The post Is “If I Fell” The Beatles’ Hippest Pre-Revolver Tune? appeared first on Flypaper. …

Why music videos can be a waste of money. #independentartist #musicmarketing #shorts

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Gangs Allegedly Money Laundering Via Fake Streams On Spotify

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People have been trying to game Spotify for probably as long as the platform has been online. From claiming another artist’s song as your own to click farms pushing up streaming numbers to playlist highjacking, crooks always seem to find a way take money from deserving artists and songwriters. The latest scam has more to […] The post Gangs Allege…

Bass Student Testimonials Pt 2 And Some Thoughts On One to One Bass Lessons.


I really should pay more attention to my website, right? Anyway, here’s the 2nd in a series of student testimonials. But first a couple of thoughts on why one to one lessons are the right choice for many musicians. Coming out of the summer and re-entering the academic year, a lot of people find themselves starting to think about their music learn…

279 Alyssa Trahan – Moving to Nashville, Sound Engineering, Endorsements, Sponsors, Crowdfunding, Marketing, Merch, and the Biggest Lesson She’d Learned in Nashville


Alyssa Trahan is the featured artist in this Rewind episode. What’s a Rewind episode? It’s a previously published episode, one of my favorites and merits re-publishing. I also give these episodes a fresh edit, which means you will find it even more enjoyable from a listening perspective. Nashville based singer songwriter Alyssa Trahan first appea…

Baby Audio Transit – Is it Special? | Kevin Ochoa


Let’s discuss Baby Audio’s latest plugin Transit and compare it to using traditional methods within DAWs like FL Studio Patcher or Ableton Rack to achieve similar effects. Do you agree with our take? Let us know in the comments. Transit Intro Sale ⚡ 40% OFF till Sept 30, 2023. ▶ Need a store for Baby Audio?…

Booking agents, why and how did you end up in that position? What do you like about it?

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RIAA Celebrates 75th Anniversary of the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) celebrated the 75th anniversary of the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) at the 2023 Curtain Up! LIVE from Broadway finale concert in New York’s Times Square on September 10. The tribute recognized MPTF’s work enriching lives and uniting communities through the power of m…

Denis Ladegaillerie on AI, streaming royalty models, Believe’s game plan… and more

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The Believe founder and CEO joins MBW’s Tim Ingham on the latest Music Business Worldwide podcast Source…