Tips for your next release and more

How to prepare your next Single Release Groover Stuck with your single release? We’re here to help! 🫶🏼 After spending months and months of writing and recording your single you want to make sure your music is heard! Here are some tips from the Groover team to make your release as smooth as possible! #independentartist … Read more

Profitable Spotify campaign and more

Inside A Profitable Spotify Campaign Andrew Southworth In this video I walk you through a profitable Spotify campaign we ran using Facebook / Meta ads. 🏆 Hire us to run your campaign: 🚀 Spotify Growth Machine Course: 🌍 Best website / store / funnels for music artists: (get your 14-day FREE trial!) … Read more

Independent musicians and entrepreneurs similarity and more

Time Management Tactics Every Musician Must Know Cyber PR The ongoing dialogue about the similarity between independent musicians and entrepreneurs is a well-worn one. Both are responsible for shaping their own careers, building their own teams, setting their own goals and working towards the milestones that will turn their dreams into reality. But they also … Read more

How TikTok is transforming music

The ever-shrinking song: how TikTok is transforming music The TimesEvans, 29, is a prime example of the enormous sway that the Chinese-owned social media app now has over the music industry. TikTok, with its almost … Not sure which song to promote? Here’s something you can try! #musicmarketing Spotify Music Marketing Not sure which song … Read more

UMG pulls from TikTok and more

Artists Are Now Being FORCED To GET OFF TikTok Brandman Network Want help on what your personal strategy should look like? Join our 1k Fans in 30 Days challenge. It’s ONLY $1 (for now) 👇🏽 This channel is ran by the founders of No Labels Necessary, Sean “Brandman” Taylor and Jacorey “Kohrey” Barkley. No … Read more

How to optimize ads and more

Proper Music Marketing and Ads Setup Music Industry It’s a system, not just a campaign. Artists often miss out on the full potential of ads because they don’t entirely understand the tool their using. Ads platforms are machine learning tools that improve efficiency and accuracy with proper setup and time. So to understand how to … Read more

It’s time for musicians to make money and more

7-Point Checklist To Investing And Building Wealth Music Connection By Bobby Borg and Britt Hastey (Excerpted from Personal Finance For Musicians with permission of Rowman & Littlefield) Invest! Invest! Invest! It’s time for musicians to make money and get rich quick. After all, the pandemic of 2020 still has everyone in a hole and nothing … Read more

Roles of a Music Manager and more

From Spotify’s ‘superfan clubs’ to Apple Music’s spatial audio royalty boost… it’s MBW’s Weekly Round-Up Music Business Worldwide The five biggest stories to hit our headlines over the past seven days… Source… The New Roles of a Music Manager in 2024 | NLN#136 Ft Dame Ritter Brandman Network Use Code NOLABEL When You Sign Up … Read more