Release Yourself and more

Release Yourself Radio Show 1151 Release Yourself Release Yourself with world renowned DJ, Producer, Radio and Podcast host Roger Sanchez. More Roger Sanchez on Roger Sanchez Live In The Mix from Intermezzo, Skopje in North MacedoniaTrack list currently unavailable. *Please note this is a live show and may contain curse words and offensive la… … Read more

1,000,000 Streams Every Day and more

He Gets 1,000,000 Streams on Spotify Every Day! SmartMusicBusiness You Don’t Want It Bad Enough eBook Bundle by Nic D Spotify Ad Templates & Training New Book Spotify Profits 2.0 Get More Spotify Fans 5 Day Challenge The Truth About The Music Business… The Musicians Guide to Fonts arielpublicity Designing … Read more

Make TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts Work for You and more

Short Form Video for Musicians (How to make TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts Work For YOU) arielpublicity It’s no secret that short-form video platforms have become the “it” thing for musicians looking to amplify their reach, engage with their fans, and show off their creativity. It’s why TikTok, Reels, and even YouTube Shorts have seen … Read more

What’s preventing artist in soaring high with their music and more

What’s Holding You Back? Ryini Music Marketing To every artist out there, tell me what’s holding you back from making dope music? My goal is to help you destroy what’s preventing artist in soaring high with their music. Share yours! #ryinibeats #musicproducer #beat #beats #beatsforsale #beatstars #guitarist… Why This Streaming Service Is Not Stop Paying … Read more

AI-Powered Platform Voice Studio and more

Music Biz Member Moises Debuts AI-Powered Platform Voice Studio News Archive – Music Business Association Music creation platform, Moises has launched Voice Studio, an AI-powered marketplace enabling vocalists to license and sell their own voice models to producers & content creators. The new  service will allow creators to transform their own voice into any singer … Read more

Multiple publishing royalties through YouTube and more

Did you know that you can earn multiple publishing royalties through YouTube? RouteNote Blog Along with your sound recording royalties, you can make three different types of publishing royalty through monetized YouTube videos. They generate performance royalties, mechanical royalties and YouTube synchronisation royalties. Performance royalties are generated when a composition is performed, recorded, played or … Read more

Your Story in Social Media and more

Your Social Media Is Your Story arielpublicity Social media and music marketing have become inseparable in today’s modern music industry. Audiences now demand that you maintain a strong social media presence and still, many musicians still ignore this. I get it, social media can feel difficult, daunting even. It can feel like the antithesis of … Read more