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How To Trademark Your Channel Name And Logo?


Did you know that legally protecting your YouTube channel is of utmost importance as you start nurturing a fanbase of loyal subscribers? As a creator, you invest a significant amount of time and effort into creating engaging content. But how do you protect it from infringement acts? YouTube trademark is the way to safeguard your valuable YT channe…

Amuse or RouteNote – which music distribution service is better for artists?

How to choose the right music distribution service for you: RouteNote and Amuse services and offerings compared.

RouteNote and Amuse are two of the world’s most popular music streaming services. Both of them offer worldwide distribution to many of the world’s top streaming services, so which is better?

Why musicians should shift their focus from TikTok trends, to using TikTok as a tool
Much of marketing today focuses on chasing the latest TikTok trend…

MUSIC offers 1 million free domains to global music industry

Music Connection Magazine

In today’s digital landscape, where music identity and intellectual property are invaluable …

Niche music-rights buyer Cutting Edge Group raises $500m

Music Ally

‘Niche’ is harsh: the music rights that Cutting Edge Group (CEG) acquires are from some of the most popular TV, film and game soundtracks. The post Niche music-rights buyer Cutting Edge Group raises $500m appeared first on Music Ally. …, an Indian AI Music Generation Platform, Is Making Music Creation Accessible
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Technology has always been a great leveller. From the industrial age to the age of the internet, it has improved the quality of life for the masses and made things previously unimaginable more accessible…

4 most annoying things music PR people do

Public relations (PR) is a very necessary role in the music industry, but there are rights and wrongs to the role …

New Music Report Finds Over 76 Percent Of Independent Musicians Careers Are Not …
mxdwn Music

…The Blueprint for Emerging Electronic Artists” seeks to identify and understand the barriers that emerging artists face and provide actionable strategies for overcoming these challenges …