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Stop Using Social Media To Promote Your Music – YouTube

Video by Damian Keyes

How are Musicians & Songwriters paid? Two short Spotify videos explain


Video by Spotify

D.I.Y. · Independent Music · Live & Touring · Major Labels · Music Marketing · Music Business · Music Tech · Music Think Tank · Podcasts · Publishing …

Music Biz Weekly Podcast looks back on 13 Years and 600 Episodes

Celebrating dual milestones of 13 years and 600 episodes, Music Biz Weekly co-hosts Micahel Brandvold and Jay Gilbert look back at what the internet, social media, and music marketing …

Spotify Pays Independent Artists HOW MUCH?

Indie Music Academy

My exclusive interview with Spotify’s Global Head of Artist Partnerships where we discuss the latest metrics on Streaming Revenue, Payouts, Global Music Trends, and the Spotify Algorithm. All Spotify data referenced is available at this link: Who is Bryan M Johnson, Head of Artist & Industry Partnerships, Inte…

AIM partners with Tileyard North to support independent sector in the region

Music Week

The Association of Independent Music (AIM) is partnering with Tileyard North to help support the independent sector in the North of England.

AIM will have a dedicated space at Tileyard North, which opened in 2023 with plans to become the UK’s largest creative community outside London. AIM’s director of business development & partnerships, Ben Wynter …

You can get $100 off Samsung’s new releases like the Music Frame now

Music Industry News

… releases, including Samsung’s Music Frame, which has garnered … its compact size, the Music Frame delivers impressive sound … Sound” technology, the Music Frame caters to both movie … enthusiasts and music aficionados alike, ensuring exceptional ……

Avoiding Social Media Overwhelm as a Musician | Don’t Destroy Your Mental Health

Adam Ivy tv

Are you a musician feeling the pinch of social media overwhelm? You’re not alone. In this video, I dive deep into avoiding social media burnout and maintaining your mental health while building your fan base. As a former full-time music producer turned YouTuber, I’ve ridden the roller coaster of content creation and social media pressures for over…

Still not convinced about TikTok’s AI music ambitions? This web of patents and trademarks will change your mind.

Music Business Worldwide

MBW has uncovered a series of US patents and trademark applications filed by a mysterious ByteDance affiliate Source…

The Singer & The Songwriter : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here]


ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST A collection of singers and songwriters. Genres include folk, blues, alternative country, americana, acoustic and of course singer/songwriter.         The post The Singer & The Songwriter : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here] appeared first on – Record Label & Music Platform. …

Meet Tsugi Radio host, Jean – ready to receive your music on Groover!


Tsugi” in Japanese means “next”, “following”, which corresponds to the theme of the magazine, being on the lookout for new musical trends, whether they come from electronic music, rock, or hip-hop, and new societal phenomena related to music. Tsugi is an independent monthly magazine about music and new trends, with its first start in 2007. Jean …

Fairly Trained certifies three more AI music startups (and one AI band)

Music Ally

Wait, what’s that whistling sound? It might just be a head of steam building up behind the ‘Fairly Trained’ scheme. The post Fairly Trained certifies three more AI music startups (and one AI band) appeared first on Music Ally. …

Music streaming continues to explode in China – Tencent Music Q4 and full-year 2023 results

RouteNote Blog

Tencent Music is one of the two major music streaming companies in China. Competing against NetEase Cloud Music, Tencent Music operates four apps: QQ Music, Kugo, Kuwou and WeSing. With Tencent Music’s latest earnings release, music streaming shows no sign of slowing in China. Q4 2023 saw Tencent Music’s overall revenues from online music…

Cómo presupuestar como músico


En primer lugar, está bien presupuestar como músico. Aunque pueda parecer restrictivo y poco rockero, es algo que todos necesitan hacer. Especialmente cuando tienes un objetivo que alcanzar y estándares a los que te aferras. Tener un presupuesto sólido y ceñirse a él en realidad libera más tiempo para enfocarte en tu música, ya que facilita la to…

Helping musicians travelling with instruments | Musicians’ Union

The Musicians Union

Every musician will look at working abroad at some point in their career. Here’s how the MU is helping you travel with your instruments and gear – from CITES exemptions around the world to keeping you touring in the EU Find out more → There you’ll also find information on: • carnets, visas and work permits work…

Music Biz Weekly Podcast looks back on 13 Years and 600 Episodes


Celebrating dual milestones of 13 years and 600 episodes, Music Biz Weekly co-hosts Micahel Brandvold and Jay Gilbert look back at what the internet, social media, and music marketing were like when their popular podcast launched….. The post Music Biz Weekly Podcast looks back on 13 Years and 600 Episodes appeared first on Hypebot. …

[Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] — Developing Ethical AI Tools To Support Songwriters & Composers: An Interview with DAACI’s Dr. Joe Lyske

News Archive – Music Business Association

Dr. Joe Lyske is a polymath accomplished in diverse interdisciplinary fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), film composition, game audio design, and aviation. As CTO and Co-Founder of DAACI — a music AI ecosystem designed for composers, by composers — he has invented and patented multiple core AI technologies for composing & editing mu…

Ace Frehley of KISS on The Eddie Trunk Show on WNEW June 1999 #kiss #acefrehley #eddietrunk

Music Biz Weekly Podcast

#kiss #kissarmy #threesidesofthecoin #teamkiss #genesimmons #paulstanley #petercriss #acefrehley #podcast #tommythayer #ericsinger #brucekulick #vinnievincent #markstjohn #ericcarr After recently moving Michael Brandvold opened up boxes he had in storage for decades, including one box filled with cassette tapes. They are slowly being digitized to…

How to Build Your Community by Performing Live on YouTube


We all love a good bar basement show. But what if your new music is a little unorthodox for your local scene, or what if you’ve got fans scattered around the world in a way that makes touring impractical? What once would have been a major obstacle for upcoming artists is now no big deal at all. There are ways to reap some of the benefits of i…

7 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make Releasing a New Song


Song Launch Checklist Book & Training Take The Spotify 5 Day Challenge Read Spotify Profits 2.0 Spotify Ad Templates & Training The Truth About The Music Business https://…

7 Valuable Email List Tips

Cyber PR

One of the most frequent questions I get is “why do I need an email list?” It’s easy to get fixated on social media and Spotify as a way to propel your career forward, and for good reason. We’re on them all day and they’re always touted as a must have for artists! This is true BUT more than anything, email…

What is astroturfing and is the music industry gaslighting us? – Woo

Music Industry

submitted by /u/barry_zuckercorn_ [link] [comentarios]…

Are you charging too much (or too little) for your shows? 


As a touring musician, you want to pick the perfect price for your concert tickets or door charge.  Not so high that it becomes prohibitive for fans and you can’t fill the venue. But not so cheap that you sell out instantly and leave potential profits on the table.  So are your shows too cheap? Or too expensive?  Well, the answer may be… BOTH! …

050 – The Golden Rule & Throwing Pearls to Swine

The New Music Industry

Life is unfortunately full of unequal exchanges. You give more than you get. Or you get more than you give. Over the long haul, these types of exchanges always tend to balance out. But the process the universe uses to balance things can occur as chaotic. In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares his experience with unequal exc…

Intellectual Property Office partners with PPL and PRS For Music to demystify metadata for creators
Music Week

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO), in partnership with PPL and PRS for Music, will today unveil a new Get Paid Guide to help demystify music metadata for music creators.

The newly expanded resource builds upon the original guide for songwriters and composers and now provides performers with a step-by-step guide on registering and managing their metadata …

Association of Independent Music establishes Northern base at Wakefield’s Tileyard
Prolific North
The Association of Independent Music is partnering with Tileyard North to support the indie sector in the North of England.

Independent Music Artists Are Adopting AI More Than Ever

Big Easy Magazine
Ditto Music have published data showing that 60% of independent musicians were using AI to create new music in 2023. 77% of artists said they would be open to using AI when generating album artwork, and 66% would use it to master music …

The most innovative companies in music for 2024
Fast Company

It was a big year for music—from big-selling soundtracks to new approaches to paying artists, the most innovative companies in the music industry have tackled almost every aspect of the music world…

Amplify Your Voice! A New, Innovative Music Course Is Set To Rev


Anisa Singh, a seasoned artist, entrepreneur and coach from Orlando, FL, is excited to announce the launch of her revolutionary new music course, “Amplify Your Voice! How To Gain More Exposure as an Artist”. This cutting-edge course, available both on the website …

Spotify Paid a Record $9B to Artists and Music Industry Participants in 2023: Report

Spotify paid a record $9 billion to music industry participants in 2023, according to the company’s annual music economics report released yesterday (Mar. 18). Spotify’s payout in last year alone amounted to 19 percent of its total music payouts of $48 billion …

A proven music release strategy for independent and D.I.Y. artists

What’s the best way to release music as an indie artist in 2024? Well, one of the smartest things to try is…do what’s working for other artists. In this post, we’ll look at a release strategy that has worked for both new and established artists…

Mixing with PatchWork + Update overview | Carlo Libertini


Ever dreamed of owning a patch bay in your studio? Now you can! PatchWork from Blue Cat Audio will elevate your typical insets slots into a professional path bay. It is powerful, easy to use, and comes with great sound effects and utilities to get you started working fast. In this video, we walk you through the latest version (version 2.67) and h…

What is Suno? The ‘ChatGPT for music’ generates songs in seconds

How easily can this AI tool produce an original song with realistic vocals, lyrics, album art, and a beat? Just enter your text prompt and click ‘Create’….

US Department of Justice Officials Meeting with Senators Ahead of TikTok Vote, Report Says

Digital Music News

The Department of Justice is reportedly holding meetings with US Senators to persuade a forced sale of TikTok ahead of the landmark vote. A new report from Bloomberg revealed that officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ) will hold closed-door briefings in the Senate this week ahead of the landmark vote to force a sale […]