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How Billie Eilish uses email #musicmarketing #shorts

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Here’s how Billie Eilish uses email to market her music, and what you should learn from it! #musicmarketingtips #musicpromotion #diymusician…

Universal Music Publishing inks exclusive worldwide deal with China’s Cheerful Music

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Cheerful Music’s catalog includes hits like YI XIAO JIANG HU (KE MU SAN), which has amassed more than 50bn views on Douyin Source…

Independent record labels in New York City


New York is a concrete jungle where dreams are made according to some and that’s why, as an independent artist, you may be looking in the Big Apple for the right record label that can help you take your music career to the next level and help you break into the music industry. Look no further, here’s a list of 15 independent labels in New Yor…

The Entrepreneurial Journey for Independent Artists | Music Industry 360 Podcast


Get more from your music with Symphonic. Apply now at In this episode of the Music Industry 360 podcast, Ariane Paris, a life and career coach and founder of Olympia Coaching, discusses the importance of mindset in the music industry. She emphasizes that mindset is at the root of everything and influences our actions and r…

TikTok Studio is the new one-stop home for creation

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TikTok have announced their brand new platform: TikTok Studio. The app offers all the tools for TikTok creators to create, edit, upload, manage, and analyse their TikTok content. The new platform has been designed as the one-stop shop for creators. As such, TikTok are planning on removing the Creator tools from within the TikTok app as w…

Why Is It That Most Musicians Fail? | 10 Major Mistakes To Avoid

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Why Is It That Most Musicians Fail? In this video, I dive into the top ten mistakes that independent artists make, which can derail their success. With over 8 years of experience helping artists and a thriving YouTube channel, I’ve seen the trends and habits that separate those who succeed from those who don’t. Sign Up For My Free “Boost Your Fan…

Should managers commission from publishing and neighbouring rights royalties?

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I understand that managers commission from advances, but is it commonplace for them to commission on the royalties generated? I’ve asked around people I know and some say no while others say yes. So could it also be dependent on the negotiation? submitted by /u/jubilatehellion [link] [comentarios]…

TikTok launches a new TikTok Studio tool for its creators

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TikTok creators are getting a new way to manage their content and check their analytics. It’s called TikTok Studio. The post is from Music Ally. …

Should songwriters get points on recordings? Raye renews call to action


Singer-songwriter Raye renewed her call for record labels to give songwriters a share of recording royalties during her acceptance speech at the UK’s Ivor’s Awards last week….. The post Should songwriters get points on recordings? Raye renews call to action appeared first on Hypebot. …

Why Women Lives 6 Years Longer

Music Marketing Tips – Amber Horsburgh

Launch Targeted Music Advertising Campaigns


The post Launch Targeted Music Advertising Campaigns appeared first on – Record Label & Music Platform. …

How to get your music featured on Spotify playlists


Streaming stats aren’t the only focus in the music industry, but solid numbers and playlist features help with discovery from industry pros and new fans.

Why Artists Usually Get Screwed In Music Industry Wars #172

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Sign Up For Too Lost & Use Our Promo Code NOLABEL Want to grow your music career? Join our community👇🏽 Join ForeverFan Today and Use Promo Code: NOLABELS02 Want to see some of the artists/labels we’ve helped? Visit https://w…

Attend SONA Indie Week


Songwriters of North America are holding their Annual Family Picnic in New York City’s Central Park on Sunday, June 9 to kick off Indie Week and Songwriter Week. From June 10–13, A2IM Indie Week is a three-day conference built around the needs of the independent music community in America. Taking place this year at the InterContinental Hotel in Ne…

YouTube Testing Out The Feature That Will Help To Reply To A Super Chat Messages


Early last week, YouTube came up with a Dream Track feature. Currently, YouTube is testing out the ability to reply to Super chat messages. But whether all or just the creator can reply to the messages? Let’s find out. YouTube announced a new feature allowing users to reply to Super Chat messages in a live session. Right now, only a small grou…

Release Yourself Radio Show 1180

Release Yourself

Release Yourself with world renowned DJ, Producer, Radio and Podcast host Roger Sanchez. More Roger Sanchez on Roger Sanchez Live from Pacha, Ibiza (Opening Weekend 2024)Tracklist currently unavailable*Please note this is a live show and contains curse words and offensive language* …

Discover Moon Under Water: Berlin’s Indie Rock Gems


Check out Moon Under Water and their track “Greene Around the Gills.” Fans of Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire will find solace in their music. The band blends baroque and pop undertones with orchestral instrumentation, creating a unique sound. The track could find a home on Spotify’s Indie Rock Anthem and Folk & Friends. Moon Under Water…