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How to Get REAL Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads

Tom DuPree III

Growth on Instagram starts by generating awareness—getting eyeballs on your content. But once people know you exist, it’s time to get them to take a little action, and one of the lowest-barrier-to-entry actions we can ask of someone is for them to follow us on Instagram. And fortunately for us, this is easily accomplished with ads. — Previ…

Symphony OS CEO Unveils How Facebook Conversion Ads ACTUALLY Work (To Drive Spotify Streams)🤯

All About Helping Podcast – Music Marketing

Try out Symphony OS to run Facebook Ads for Spotify Streams: Symphony OS Founder and CEO Megh Vakharia is a Facebook Ads genius and superhero coder who has worked with the likes of 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Sza, Future at the earliest stages of their careers. In this conversation we spoke about All About…

What is Tencent music and how can you make the most of it for your music?


In a time when music is mainly consumed via online platforms and music streaming, Tencent Music has established itself as a major player in the global music streaming industry. Known by its full name of Tencent Music Entertainment or TME, it is a music streaming service based in China that offers a wide range of music services to its users. L…

How Much Does It REALLY Take To Be a Full-Time Artist?


There are a plethora of factors that dictate that answer, but if you’re smart it’s more possible than you think #omarimc #musicmarketing #spotify #shorts…

Lío Ibiza unveils unprecedented club residencies for 2024 season
Following the announcement of the 2024 Show Theme ‘Dangerous Nights’, Lío Ibiza is proud to confirm its lineup of club residencies for the highly anticipated 2024 season…

Spotify Stock Touches 52-Week High Following Price-Increase Reports — New CFO Officially Announced

Digital Music News

Spotify stock (NYSE: SPOT) has experienced a double-digit valuation spike – which elevated shares to a 52-week high – after reports pointed to plans for further price increases. When trading kicked off this morning, SPOT jumped to nearly $297, up approximately 14 percent across the past five days. The rally continued into the afternoon, as […]

IMPALA sides with UMG in TikTok dispute, calls on Spotify, Apple, Deezer to address ‘negative consequences’ of royalty changes

Music Business Worldwide

Europe’s trade association for indie labels says there is “an urgent need to secure fair revenues” from services like TikTok Source…

The Evolution of Indie Music: Navigating Trends and Embracing Creativity

Indie Bible

Today, we embark on a journey through the vibrant landscape of indie music, exploring its ever-evolving nature and the creative forces driving its evolution. Join us as we delve into the trends shaping indie music and celebrate the spirit of innovation that defines this dynamic genre. Embracing Diversity: The Heartbeat of Indie Music At its core…

An Independent Musician’s Perspective on the TikTok Legislation Before Congress
IP Watchdog

“The vast majority of music on TikTok generates virtually no revenue for the musicians who made it, and even more music on the platform is completely unlicensed (stolen), copied (stolen via AI), or pirated (stolen)…”

CD Baby operations have been merged with Downtown Music


Downtown Music announced on Thursday that it has completed the merger of CD Baby’s operations into Downtown….. The post CD Baby operations have been merged with Downtown Music appeared first on Hypebot. …

Ditto X NYC 24: Recap

Ditto Music

The Ditto X Music Conference & Networking Event returned to New York City in 2024 as part of New Colussus Festival – with special guests from Spotify, Netflix and more. ———————————————————- Ditto Music 30-day free trial ▼ Subscribe to the Ditto YouTube channel ▼…

Blake Morgan Announces Major Expansion of His Artist-Friendly ECR Music Group with …
Music Talkers

For Blake Morgan – acclaimed singer-songwriter, recording artist, indie-label owner, producer and artists’ rights advocate – 2024 marks an exciting new phase of creative and commercial growth for ECR Music Group, the unique, artist-friendly record label he founded in 2012 …

Music Biz Roadshow
Music Business Association
Our Music Biz Roadshow event series will bring education & networking opportunities to new communities across the country — because EVERY city is …

200+ Artists Demand the End of AI Music Devaluation, Infringement, and Exploitation
Digital Music News

The Artists Rights Alliance and 200-plus musicians have released an open letter calling for the end of music devaluation, infringement, and exploitation through unethical AI.

The campaign, which features the signatures and support of artists …

My Music My Rights, Creators Connect Workshop

A recent EY study, ‘The Music Creator Economy: The Rise of Music Publishing in India,’ reveals that India generates 20,000 original songs annually.

Tell Big Tech We Won’t Get Fooled Again


200 artists call on tech companies to stop the bad AI uses.

Trent Reznor: streaming has ‘mortally wounded’ some artists

Music Ally

For a while back in the day, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor was an executive at Apple Music, before leaving to resume his full-time career. The post Trent Reznor: streaming has ‘mortally wounded’ some artists appeared first on Music Ally. …

Creating Harmony: The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music Launch an Inquiry into AI …

On 25 January 2024, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music (APPG) launched its inquiry into artificial intelligence (AI) and the music industry in the UK. Ayo Adebajo and Josh Gallichan discuss the inquiry, as well as further regulatory principles and concerns arising out of the use of AI by music industry ..

How Simplifies AI-Powered Influencer Marketing


Explore’s journey, an AI-driven influencer platform transforming influencer marketing with simplicity, accountability, and global reach.

ADVICE NEEDED: Sampled my friend’s piano who is now not comfortable with my selling it

Music Industry

me and my friend recently struck a deal where i would record and mix his song in exchange that i would be able to sample his piano. while it was not explicitly communicated that i would be selling it, he knew my intention was to make a sampler and i assumed that because he would end up with the rights to the recording of his track i wouldn’t need …

Cold Thuggin : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here]


ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST Yo why we so cold my G? Updated weekly.         The post Cold Thuggin : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here] appeared first on – Record Label & Music Platform. …

Behind The Music: A Chat with Nicolaas Walle & Lisa Patscheider on “The Irony Of Fate”

For The Love Of Bands

Nicolaas Walle and Lisa Patscheider, a duo separated by countries but united by music, have just released their collaborative single “The Irony Of Fate.” Despite never having met in person, their unique blend of Alternative, Prog and Psychedelic Rock is creating waves. I sat down with Nicolaas to get the inside scoop on their process, the story b…