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EDM Blogs: The Top 10 Resources for Music Submission in 2024

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The music industry is constantly changing, and with that, so are the ways in which you can get your music heard.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 resources for music submission in 2024. From music streaming services to online music magazines, these are the places where you can finde and submit your music…

6 Ways to Overcome Musical Plateaus and Keep Growing

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Committing to a career in music comes with a lot of highs and lows, peaks and plateaus – it’s just the nature of the industry, regardless of how good you are at what you do. It’s absolutely normal for musicians to experience periods where progress seems slow, which can leave you feeling frustrated and uninspired.  These plateaus are a natural par…

Revolutionize Your Music Career: The Ultimate Tool!

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… pitching and promoting music through a free website for musicians.   Viberate for … Artists: A Revolutionary Tool in Music Analytics … revolutionizes the way musicians analyze and promote their music. By integrating Spotify … …

How Is Disrupting The Music Industry With AI & Exclusive Artist Collaborations
Inc42 utilises advanced AI music generation techniques to create background music for video, podcast, and game creators.

I started a podcast interviewing women who work in live events

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Hi all, I’ve been working in the live event industry for a few years now and decided to start a podcast where I interview women who work in different aspects of the live event/touring industry. I’ve met and been messaged by a lot of people who want to get their foot in the door, so I’m hoping it can be insightful and useful to those who may be int…

CMW Head Flatters Ed Bicknell Back to Toronto Conference To Conduct Donald Passman and Bill Silva Keynote Interviews

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Leading North American music industry conference Canadian Music Week (CMW), now in its 42nd year, has lured engaging interviewer and former Dire Straits manager Ed Bicknell back to Toronto this June for two keynote interviews. He has not been to Canada since the 1990s. The following was created in collaboration with Canadian Music Week, a […]

Pop Conference 2024: ‘Legacy, Music Collections, and Archives’
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The panels and presentations at Pop Conference 2024 were an education in music history — topics ranged from how a Mexican military brass band helped shape Jazz in New Orleans, to a deep dive into the rave scene subculture…

Hit the Decks! It’s Bowie Jane

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Singer, songwriter, DJ (and former Big Brother contestant) Bowie Jane started singing and songwriting when she was 16. “I started in musical theater, then moved into singing in duos, then bands and then started releasing club music which did really well in the U.K.,” Jane says. “When those tracks started doing well, I really wanted to be DJin…

AI in the Music Industry – Part 9: Finishing the Unfinished

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David Cope (see part 8 of the series) had already shown early on that it was possible to use artificial intelligence to imitate the compositional style of deceased musical greats. The next step was to take on greater challenges. To demonstrate the technical possibilities of AI, various projects have ventured to complete unfinished musical works. …

Seven Guiding Principles of Songwriting
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If you take these guiding principles and put them into practice, you’ll be able to make the most of your growth as a songwriter.

The biggest music industry news | March 2024

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In March, Spotify unveiled and launched three brand new features. On select tracks, music videos are rolling out to Spotify Premium subscribers in 11 markets via a “Switch to Video” button. Partnering with several educational companies, Spotify tests video-based learning courses, available for purchase on the app in the UK. Pick between v…

Napster Is Promoting Its Streaming Platform Through Fortune Cookies
Nearly 25 years after forever changing the fabric of digital music distribution, it seems Napster is still focused on innovation. This time around, they’re experimenting with a more unconventional form of marketing: fortune cookies…

BMI, a leader in music rights management, advocates for the value of music, representing over 22.4 million works of more than 1.4 million …

Half of women in music experience discrimination, report finds


Misogyny, sexual discrimination and harassment are still everyday problems for female musicians in the UK, a damning new report has found.

It says that one third of women in the music industry have been sexually harassed at work, with many reporting it as a barrier to their career…

Camp Punksylvania Music & Camping Festival Unveils Less Than Jake as Final Headliner
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Camp Punksylvania Music & Camping Festival has revealed Less Than Jake as the final headliner for its highly anticipated 4th annual event. Set against the backdrop of Pennsylvania’s West End Fairgrounds, Camp Punksylvania, the state’s premier punk rock summer camp …

Chill Electronic Instrumental : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here]


ABOUT THIS PLAYLIST A playlist devoted to chill electronic instrumental to listen to when you studs, work or just want to chill.         The post Chill Electronic Instrumental : Spotify Playlist [Submit Music Here] appeared first on – Record Label & Music Platform. …

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