Promote your music and make money

How do I promote my music and make money?


Promoting your music and making money from it in the music industry can be a challenging but rewarding business. There are different ways to make money from your music and whether you are an independent artist or signed to a record label, promoting your music and making money from it involves a combination of strategic marketing, networking, and …

6 best music promotion sites for bands and artists


Music promotion is an important way to reach more fans. See these tips on using the best music promotion sites for bands and artists, and how they can help you.

How to retarget your Instagram audience using Facebook ads

Tom DuPree III

Using paid ads to grow on Instagram is comprised of three basic steps. First, we can use an awareness campaign to spread the word and let people know we exist. Second, we can run a campaign to send users directly to our Instagram profile, using the native call to action in our ads. And third, we can tighten up the entire system by retargetin…

9 Steps To Building Music Superfans

Cyber PR

This brings me to Rob Gordon – my first boss at the only record label I ever worked at: What Are Records? What I learned there about superfans and building teams has set me up for a successful career in the music business. This is because of Rob’s genius around building superfans for his artists. Rob had an uncanny knack for understanding what l…

Head Of Sync: “This Is How To Make A SALARY From Sync Deals”

All About Helping Podcast – Music Marketing

Jessica Vaughn is a powerhouse music executive and singer/songwriter who spearheads the Sync team at Venice Music and runs her own label Head B*tch Music. Launching the Venice Music sync offering from the ground up, Jessica has landed placements in Netflix, MTV, Disney+, Xbox, Fortnite, NBA 2K, and more! In this insightful conversation, we’re …

Bring your SPOTIFY profile BACK TO LIFE in 5 minutes! #shorts #musicpromo #musicmarketing #musicbiz

ReverbNation Vidieos

How you appear on Spotify impacts the way people hear your music. It’s just one of those weird things about human psychology. Are your tracks supposed to sound cool, funny, serious, brave, genius, virtuosic, haunted, or carefree? Well, the more your profile LOOKS like it, the better your songs will sound. Especially to new listeners who’ve just d…

5 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2024

Purple Revolver

Navigating todays ever changing music scene presents a challenge for aspiring artists aiming to make a mark in the industry.

The digital era, coupled with the proliferation of media and streaming services offers exposure opportunities but also intensifies

Gibson Gives and 1500 Sound Academy Partner for Music Scholarships Across Los Angeles, CA, Beijing, China, and Taipei, Taiwan


For over 130 years, the iconic and leading American instrument brand Gibson has been shaping sound across generations and genres. Gibson, and its charitable arm Gibson Gives believe in the power of music, and that getting instruments into the hands of those with a desire to make music is a life-changing event. A state-of-the-art music school in I…

Direct-to-consumer music platform EVEN officially launched
Music In Africa |

Founded in 2022, the platform is the brainchild of American music industry professional Mag Rodriguez and aims to empower both artists and fans to support each other financially.

“I set out to build EVEN to fill a need for both artists and fans,” Rodriguez said. “Artists want to own the relationship with their fans and fans want direct proximity to their favourite artist. EVEN is designed to grow the music industry’s pie…

UK Sounds: PRS Foundation’s Launches New Initiative to Support UK Music Export
The Musicians’ Union

The MU welcomes UK Sounds, a new platform from PRS Foundation’s International Showcase Fund. The online hub will empower UK artists looking to expand overseas while connecting international industry professionals with UK talent…

Can the independent music sector unite under a set of global independent values?
Music Business Worldwide
In the year 2000, when I started working at a small record label in Madrid, the music industry was a different beast altogether. People bought records …